Spilt Milk Showreel 2018

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Spilt Milk Showreel 2018


Dairy Australia – Say Cheese

Women working across the Australian dairy industry deliver an important message about saying cheese.


Nandos Tropical Burger

Toy robots, fire extinguishers, pineapple and neon = Nandos.

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Jarryd Hayne X Adidas: Here to Create

The NRL star shares his tips on creativity. Including 8-Bit.


AFL x Toyo Tyres

The players from GWS find out what it's like to play with no grip. Unlike our video, it's no much fun.

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Porsche X Torah Bright

We went from surf to snow with world champion snowboarder Torah Bright. In her favourite set of wheels.

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Kris Smith falls for the Jaguar F-TYPE

See what happens when speed demon Kris Smith meets his match in Jaguar's road rocket.


Heesco X World’s Top 50

One street artist. Five famous chefs. A wall in Melbourne.

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One day in Melbourne in 90 seconds

We spent a day discovering Melbourne's best secrets with a steadicam (and flat white) in hand.


Forza: An Australian Odyssey

10 supercars. Nine cameras and a drone. One Great Ocean Road.


IKEA Sustainable LED Light Bulb

We worked with IKEA on an Instagram campaign showing the benefits of their new swish and sustainable range.

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Hot Air Balloon Festival

We took to the skies with Microsoft for the Hot Air Balloon Spectacular above Canberra.


MCG Walk Out with Messi in 360

We walked out with Messi in front of 95K fans at the MCG. It was awesome.


Cottons: Busting the Taboo

We worked with YouTube star Jess Bauer and Cottons to help get rid of the taboo of talking about your period.

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Uniqlo Store Reveal

We take a sneak peek at Uniqlo's new flagship store at Chadstone.


Supermodel Yaya Deng hits Fashion Week

Actor and supermodel Yaya Deng takes us on a behind-the-scenes tour of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

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Hosier Lane Walk Through

Take an amble down Melbourne's most famous laneway.

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Crowd Clap at White Night

Get up close and personal to the mosh pit at White Night

aaaaScreen Shot 2016-05-25 at 6

Up in the Air

We go vertical for a unique view of the Canberra Balloon Spectacular

AAScreen Shot 2016-05-25 at 5

Chin Chin Kitchen Flame Up

If you can't stand the heat, get out of Chin Chin's kitchen!


Netflix Oscillating Fan For Your Home Trailer

We produced Netflix's first piece of Australian content in a shoot that has all the fans talking.

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Spilt Milk Aerial Showreel

Our cameras leave terra firma for a drone's eye view of the world.

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Tough Mudder’s Extreme New Obstacles

There's much more than mud at this year's Tough Mudder. Think tear gas, insane hills, flooded valleys, and acid.


Ford Focus ST Race Day

On a moody winter's day a gang of journos put the Ford Focus ST through its paces at Eastern Creek. We bring our drones along for the ride.

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Dremel 3D Idea Builder

If you build it, you will rock.

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Staying in touch

Columbian-born Cristian now calls Melbourne home, but stays in touch with his family using some very clever tech from Microsoft.

AScreen Shot 2015-07-20 at 4

Pinot Palooza Cometh

We whipped out all the animation tricks for the high-powered trailer for the event that mixes rock 'n' roll with plenty of plonk.

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Bosch Smart Lithium Batteries TVC

Rob from Better Homes and Gardens road tests Bosch batteries in the lab and on the job.


Panache Spring Summer

Check out our sizzle reel for UK lingerie brand Panache's launch in Sydney.

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Uniqlo Emporium Launch

We help welcome Uniqlo Down Under with the launch of the Japanese fashion giant's first Australian store at Emporium Melbourne.

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Baker’s Delight: Jump for Bravery

We follow three inspiring women affected by breast cancer as they jump for bravery, and a very good cause.

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Game of Rhones – Wine is Coming

Take a wine-soaked tour through Westeros in search of the perfect drop of red. It might taste like dragon blood.


White Night

In 2013 Melbourne experienced its first White Night, an all-night festival featuring art, dancing and music. We took 5000 photos and made them into this video.


Bonds Boobs

What's your Boobicon? We went behind-the-scenes of the latest Bonds shoot to find out.


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